Thu, 06/06/2019 - 19:30 - Wed, 31/07/2019 - 20:00
According to the thesis maintained by John Berger, expressed in a 1995 text, "Steps towards a small theory of the visible", instead of conceiving artistic work as "creation", he characterizes it as a work of reception, of "giving form" to what has been received; in this way the artist would not act properly as a creator, but as a receiver, and ultimately as a visibilizer of what has been received.
From this idea we present the series "PHOTO TROUVÉE".
The photographs that are part of this series have been obtained with the camera of a SONY Xperia M2 mobile phone.
And we say, expressly, obtained, and not carried out, because they are totally fortuitous captures, without any type of authorship pretension, without any compositional, aesthetic, thematic or any other type of approach.
These photographs are the totally random result of a series of unintended shots, inserted inside or around a series of photographs, these if conscious, studied, prepared, premeditated, somehow these are failed images, dispensable errors, definitive discards.
And that is when our task as "creators" begins, in the line expressed by Berger.
What we have done is to rescue these photographs from a possible act of erasure or mere oblivion, to select them, now yes, with aesthetic criteria, to find them a line of argument, and ultimately, and above all, to make them visible in the eyes of a possible observer.